picture of slammers in different colours
• Buzzgold's wireless slammers are our most versatile quiz buzzer system.

• Our Slammer packages are complete with software of your choice and up to 30 slammers (robust wireless buzzers to create maximum versatility and audience participation).

• Slammers are ideal for conferences, training and large venues, with up to 30 buzzers in one system. Players can be up to 30 metres (100ft) from the receiver on the quizmaster's computer.

Our slammers are extremely robust wireless buzzers that link with a receiver plugged into a USB port on any Windows (XP and later) laptop or pc.

The audio-visual presentation is handled by the software, which powers the system. Just connect a big screen or projector and speakers to complete your setup. Your audience can see who's scored, who's winning, and hear the buzzers (which can make any sound you wish).

You can add extra images, short videos, and sounds. In fact the whole show is designed to be personalised or branded to your requirements.


  • Slammers can be hired complete with your choice of software
  • Price of slammers is according to quantity
  • Software is included in the cost of hire
(ex VAT & return carriage costs)


Choose from Buzzgold's different formats to suit your event.


is our original package.  It features scrolling questions, multiple choice, etc., with the possibility of picture and sound rounds.  It requires patient setting up to get the best out of it.  Used by MacDonalds among others.


is our most popular package.  Easy to set up it has full dual-screen functionality.  You can configure the sounds, colours and images, and put in contestants' names or team names.  Many additional, optional features.


is a voting package.  Judges can vote in different ways in this versatile package. Think of The X-Factor or Britain's Got Talent.  Set-up options are similar to Buzz-in.