We've got Talent! Buzzgold Talent is a voting system using our slammers (wireless quiz buzzers) that allows audience participation. Vote on talent shows, vote on propositions, vote anonymously, vote yes or vote no.

This is a truly versatile piece of software: simple to use, easy to customise, and suitable for all kinds of voting and judging activities.

You can be cruel, as in the popular TV programme, and vote your acts off the stage X or be kind and show approval [tick][heart] .

You can vote for or against proposals, show approval, change your mind (depending on the setup). Judges and voters can be named or anonymous.

White voting crossYou can show images as well as play sounds and video. You can modify any of the supplied screen images, as shown, or replace them with your own. We'll help you with artwork if you wish, at a very reasonable cost.

The buzzers used are our robust and reliable wireless slammers controlled by the software so that your event runs smoothly.

Not only can the images be altered or replaced, but you can choose the sounds made by the buzzers. Simple drop-down menus allow you to choose sounds and images, and the 'Add' facility allows you to upload more from your computer.

This is a highly configurable system that will help you to provide an entertaining and well-run event.

Contact us for more details about Buzzgold Talent. It is available to hire or buy with Buzzgold Slammers.

Ask us to enable your log-in so that you can download Buzzgold's Talent. Talent works with Buzzgold slammers which you can hire or buy.

If your browser warns you about downloading, you can probably click 'Advanced' or 'Download anyway' to proceed. Our files are all certificated. More information from Microsoft here.


According to how your browser is setup you may be able to install Buzzgold Talent direct from this webpage (open/run). Otherwise, save to a convenient folder or your desktop and simply click on the file to install.

Talent comes with pre-loaded images and sounds. It has a default session which is optimised for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 (typical small laptop).

Use the 'Appearance' button to adjust the display to suit your screen (font size, spacing and positioning, number of columns, etc).

For an external display (projector or large screen) the display must be adjusted to suit that rather than the quizmaster's screen.

See 'Help' for instructions and hints on setting up and dual monitor use. Contact Buzzgold on 01460 54215 for any further help or other information.

The licence for this product when hired is time limited. If you purchase slammers and software you will receive a full, permanent licence limited to one computer.