is our most popular package.  Easy to set up it has full dual-screen functionality.  You can configure the sounds, colours and images, and put in contestants' names or team names.  Many additional, optional features.

The package comes with a basic set-up:  contestant names, and sounds, plus background images.  You can change all of these using the edit buttons.

When set up with extended display the control buttons and mouse show only on the operator screen.  There are help notes in the program.

Ask us to enable your log-in so that you can download Buzzgold's Buzz-in. Buzz-in works with Buzzgold slammers which you can hire or buy.

If your browser warns you about downloading, you can probably click 'Advanced' or 'Download anyway' to proceed. Our files are all certificated. More information from Microsoft here.


According to how your browser is setup you may be able to install Buzz-in direct from this webpage (open/run). Otherwise, save to a convenient folder or your desktop and simply click on the file to install.

Buzz-in comes with pre-loaded images and sounds. It has a default session which is optimised for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 (typical small laptop).

Use the 'Appearance' button to adjust the display to suit your screen (font size, spacing and positioning, number of columns, etc).

For an external display (projector or large screen) the display must be adjusted to suit that rather than the quizmaster's screen.

See 'Help' for instructions and hints on setting up and dual monitor use. Contact Buzzgold on 01460 54215 for any further help or other information.

The licence for this product when hired is time limited. If you purchase slammers and software you will receive a full, permanent licence limited to one computer.