Here are various resources for sounds to help you construct quiz games. We obviously can't guarantee the contents of any external website. Please report any broken links or unsuitable content.

Sound files from Buzzgold's library

Sound files (zip file to download)

Buzz-in default session file

Download the Buzz-in default session file (in case you have lost yours or it failed to load with your downloaded Buzz-in)
Unzip the file and save it where you wish. Open Buzz-in and use the 'Files' button to find and load the file "Default.bgbsd". Note this will only work with Buzz-in.

Search the Web for Sounds

A huge resource for all kinds of sounds for your show or presentation.

Wikipedia on Find Sounds

Find theme tunes and songs for your quiz questions


is a downloadable utility to convert different format sounds to the .wav format as required for our GrandSlam quiz. Scroll down the page to find the MeowMultiSound download.

If you don't want to download MeowMultiSound, then here is an online converter. It will convert any common format to wav. It will also fix problem wav files. If you have a wav file that won't play in GrandSlam, just load it here, leave the settings as they are, 'convert to wav', and 'save'. You should then have a usable file.

All our new generation software will accept various sound file formats including mp3.