Quizkit (affordable quiz buzzers)

Quizkit 8 player quiz buzzer system• Quizkit is an affordable quiz buzzer system.

• Quizkit is available to buy only.

• Easy to use battery-operated quiz buzzers.

• For home or small classroom use.

Slammers (robust wireless buzzers)

Buzzgold slammer robust buzzer• Buzzgold's wireless slammers: a versatile hardware/software package for quizzes, conferences, & more.

• Live scoring; full audio-visual display; audience participation; versatile and customisable.

Quizmaster (classic quiz game)

buzzgold quizmaster university challenge• Quizmaster: a panel game system for teams or individuals.

• Popular with schools, colleges & universities.

• Quizmaster is a stand-alone system. Just plug it in and you're set to play.

Buzz-off (head-to-head fun)

Buzz-off quiz buzzers on 5 Live• Buzz-Off is an exciting head-to-head quiz buzzer game.

• Invite your players to the stage in pairs or in teams.

• Buzz-off makes an eye-catching centre-stage attraction.