• Quizkit is an affordable quiz system.
  • Quizkit is available to buy only.
  • Safe, battery-operated
  • For home or small classroom use.

QuizKit for 2 to 30 players/teams

Compact, expandable hand held or table top

Compact QuizKit
One control box for the quiz master, plus however many buzzers you need.
Complete with all connecting cables and batteries.
Affordable budget quiz system from £76.


  • Available for 2 to 30 players/teams.

  • Extremely easy to set up, simply plug in more quiz buzzers (up to a maximum of 30) The kit includes full instructions.

  • Red light on the buzzer remains on for 5 seconds after buzzing. A lockout system eliminates disputes over priority. The system resets automatically for the next quiz question.

  • The first two buzzers connect to the control box with a 5 metre cable. They can be positioned as much as 5 metres apart. The other buzzers are daisy chained to each other with 1.5 metre cables.

  • Battery operated (9 volt long life), no trailing mains cable. Batteries included.